Here are just some of the pedals that we modify and sell.
If you don't see the pedal that you interested in here, email us at and ask.
Interested in getting one of your pedals modded? Please see our Mod Your Pedals page for a partial list
of mods that we do for customers. Again, if you don't see it, just ask. Chances are that we can do it for you.

Boss Blues Driver Overdrive
Sweet round sound, no tinny top end, lots of
available bottom and a nice clean yet aggressive tone


Boss CS3 "Atom Smasher"
& "Bass Smasher" Compressors

Low noise, active tone control, a perfect attack control, and sustain for days without oversquish and volume loss.

Atom Smasher $155.00
Bass Smasher $155.00

Digitech Badder Monkey  
Badder Bass Monkey Overdrive

A pleasing transparent overdrive for classic rock and SRV blues styles. Lots of available low end, no tinny top, but a very nice bite. The low and high controls have a very wide sweep and the overall tone remains tight wherever you set them. Also has a nice boost when you dime the volume control. The bass version offers Ampeg tube grind but remains intact so that your notes are distinct and punchy. There is tons of low end and the high control is voiced for tones ranging from dark Reggae flatwound all the way to funk slap and attack.

Badder Monkey $105.00 

Badder Bass Monkey $105.00

Boss GEQ-7 Equalizer
In their stock form, these hiss pretty bad and the power sags if you boost too much. With the mods, the hiss and noise are gone, the sag disappears, and the top two sliders are converted to presence and treble controls. Great as a clean boost to lift solos, it also can be dimed and flavored to overdrive your preamp.
Bass version available.

Boss GEQ-7 - Guitar $165.00  
Boss GEQ-7 - Bass $165.00

Boss MT-2 Slo-Diezel Drive Pedal
This one encompasses all of our past MT-2 mods in one great pedal, including our previous Marshall-Mesa mods. Great symmetrical and articulate medium to heavy drive without falling apart. under radical EQ choices. You'll literally get hundreds of different tones from Boston to Satriani, AC/DC to Nickelback, to big modern metal tones. This one does all of the heavy stuff without all of the noise. It's our biggest selling
drive pedal.



Boss SD1 Mosfet Mod with bypass correction
The stock SD-1 has a problem where the pedal never fully bypasses when switched off, causing undo gain and tone loss to your signal. Our modified version corrects this problem 100%. Mosfet drive tone is aggressive, colorful, and the tone can't be compared to anything else. It responds very well to volume changed on your guitar and performs well at modern country, blues - old and new, and all styles of rock, too.


Dunlop GC5-95 Audiophile Wah
Traditional 70's percussive sounding wah with a vocal/talking quality full of personality. No dull muted tones when the pedal is rocked back.
Very vocal tones. Built in boost. More gain. Better bass response. Smooth sweep from low to high with that nice mid bark.


Ibanez Tube Screamer Mods
Offered in original TS-808 conversion model and our standard mod which includes better low end, overall fuller tone with very dynamic characteristics, and a nice smooth top that reacts to picking attack

$155.00 (Your Choice)

Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808
Ibanez Tube Screamer Fat and Full